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If you have not heard of our close friend Lontastic, we recomend you brace your self, take a deep breath and loose yourself in the lyrics from this awesome Cali born, Atlanta bread rap sensation.

Senim Silla

One part of the west coast dynamic duo Binary Star, the legend Senim Silla will tingle your brain and your ear drums with his intelligent and socially fueled lyrics. Now that's true hip-hop.


Long time friend, hoodlum and Venice Racket founder D.Tea has been repin Rukru for quite some time. We always look to to get the scoop on our Venice neighborhood.

Mr. Suber

With his neo-Kent Clark persona, Mr. Suber is a core unit and a fraction of the magic behind The Listeners Music Group and long-time supporter and advocate of all things Rukru.

The Listeners

Watch out for The Listeners to arise as one of the hottest things in Atlanta. These cats are a super talented music group of MC's, Producers, DJ's, etc... I promise you, hotter then ATL itself.


We've been starring at this mug since day one. As the creative director of Rukru Clothing, Eric's been beard deep in everything we've done. Our creative buddah of sorts and a local Whistler.

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